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Collaboration Handbook

Collaboration HandbookCreating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey

Michael Barry Winer

This is your complete guide to putting together a collaboration that gets results! You'll see how to get a collaboration going, define the results you're after, determine everyone's roles,...

The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition

The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Second EditionShaping Public Policy at the State and Local Level

Marcia Avner

The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition, is your complete road map to shaping public policy at the state and local level. It gives detailed, step-by-step...

Consumer Bankruptcy

Consumer BankruptcyThe Complete Guide to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy

Henry J. Sommer

Maximize your bankruptcy filing benefits. If you have to file a personal bankruptcy case, you can find the accessible, authoritative guidance you'll need to do it right in order to get the fresh...

Buying a Home When You're Single

Buying a Home When You're Single

Donna G. Albrecht

The single person's complete guide to buying your own home ...

Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit OrganizationsVolume 11: Mobilize People for Marketing Success

Gary J. Stern

A new companion volume to the author's first workbook, this title shows marketing professionals how to put together a successful promotion campaign based on the most persuasive tool of all: personal...

Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements

Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements

Emil Angelica

Bring focus and direction to your work: Too often, if you ask four people in a nonprofit what their organization's mission is, you'll get four different answers. Organizations without clearly defined...

Conducting Community Forums

Conducting Community ForumsEngaging Citizens, Mobilizing Communities

Carol A. Lukas

Step-by-step instructions to plan and carry out exciting, successful community fourms that will educate the public, build consensus, focus action, or influence policy.

Collaboration Factors Inventory

Collaboration Factors InventoryAssessing Your Collaboration's Strengths and Weaknesses

Paul W. Mattessich

This inventory is a practical tool for discovering how your collaboration is doing on the twenty factors that research has shown influence success (see Collaboration: What Makes It Work). The...

Power in Policy

Power in PolicyA Funder's Guide to Advocacy and Civic Participation

David Arons

Why should funders try to shape public policy? Simply put, because public policy has impact on mission. And, it’s the only way to affect the laws that determine how people will be treated, what...

Information Gold Mine

Information Gold MineInnovative Uses of Evaluation

Paul W. Mattessich

Don't Shelve that Evaluation! Use the Findings More Creatively and Effectively Traditional use of evaluation—for improving service quality—is well known. But are you using the data to full...

Funder's Guide to Organizational Assessment

Funder's Guide to Organizational AssessmentTools, Processes, and Their Use in Building Capacity

Many Contributors

Spark breakthrough capacity An organizational assessment has the potential to launch a nonprofit down new paths that inspire more productivity and better mission delivery. In this new book, funders,...

Generations: The Challenge of a Lifetime

Generations: The Challenge of a LifetimeThe Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit

Peter C. Brinckerhoff

The Clock Is Ticking . . . Is Your Nonprofit Ready? Boomers are leaving the workforce—soon. Do you have a plan to replace them? How do you relate to GenX and Gen@ employees, volunteers, and donors?...

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