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Scientific American The Amateur Astronomer

Scientific American The Amateur Astronomer

Scientific American Magazine

From the longest running column in Scientific American's history comes this collection of fascinating projects for amateur astronomers ...

Geek Physics

Geek PhysicsSurprising Answers to the Planet's Most Interesting Questions

Rhett Allain

Have you ever wondered whether a human could really fly with wings like a bird’s? What about how many zombies you could actually drive through? Or whether airplanes could save fuel by using iPads...

Global Brain

Global BrainThe Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century

Howard Bloom

As someone who has spent forty years in psychology with a long-standing interest in evolution, I'll just assimilate Howard Bloom's accomplishment and my amazement.-DAVID SMILLIE, Visiting...

The Genius Engine

The Genius EngineWhere Memory, Reason, Passion, Violence, and Creativity Intersect in the Human Brain

Kathleen Stein

Embarking on a spellbinding journey to the frontiers of neuroscience, acclaimed science editor and writer Kathleen Stein takes an enthralling in-depth look at the prefrontal cortex, the site of our...

The Universal Book of Astronomy

The Universal Book of AstronomyFrom the Andromeda Galaxy to the Zone of Avoidance

David Darling

The ultimate guide to the final frontier ...

Astronomy, Eighth Edition

Astronomy, Eighth EditionA Self-Teaching Guide, Eighth Edition

Dinah L. Moche

For a generation, Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to the night sky. Now this classic beginner's guide has been completely...

The Skeptic's Dictionary

The Skeptic's DictionaryA Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions

Robert Carroll

A wealth of evidence for doubters and disbelievers ...

The Secret Life of Dust

The Secret Life of DustFrom the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter, the Big Consequences of Little Things

Hannah Holmes

Hannah Holmes A mesmerizing expedition around our dusty world ...

The Scientific Companion

The Scientific CompanionExploring the Physical World with Facts, Figures, and Formulas

Cesare Emiliani

This new edition of the critically acclaimed Scientific Companion offers a comprehensive introduction to the physical sciences: physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, meteorology, biology,...

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