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Blue in Black & White

Blue in Black & White

Pete Thoshinsky

Blue In Black and White, by Sgt. Pete Thoshinsky, is a dramatic new photographic collection, with narratives, featuring members of the San Francisco Police Department; a chronicle of life and law...

Murder Two

Murder TwoThe Second Casebook of Forensic Detection

Colin Evans

PRAISE FOR The Casebook of Forensic Detection ...

True Heroines

True HeroinesPolice Women Killed in the Line of Duty Throughout the United States 1916 - 1999 (Limited)

William Wilbanks

The Rise and Fall of the Dillinger Gang

The Rise and Fall of the Dillinger Gang

Jeffery S. King

A historical treatment of the career of the members of the Dillinger gang along with individual member biographies.

After Capone

After CaponeThe Life and World of Chicago Mob Boss Frank The Enforcer Nitti

Mars Eghigian

Known as the Enforcer in the Capone Gang, Nitti has been glamorized in movies. This book gives a warts and all portrayal of the gangster.

King of the Sunset Strip

King of the Sunset StripHangin' with Mickey Cohen and the Hollywood Mob

Steve Stevens

Who would have thought that an acting career that began as a teenage star in the Annette series on the The Mickey Mouse Club, Walt Disney's Zorro, The Roy Rogers Show, and That's My Mom would...

The Complete Public Enemy Almanac

The Complete Public Enemy AlmanacNew Facts and Features on the People, Places, and Events of the Gangsters and Outlaw Era: 1920-1940

William J. Helmer

Meticulously documented, lavishly detailed, exhaustively researched, and written with an eye for the truths that have remained largely hidden, The Complete Public Enemy Almanac provides a reliable...

Egan's Rats

Egan's RatsThe Untold Story of the Prohibition-Era Gang That Ruled St. Louis

Daniel Waugh

Led by two childhood pals, Thomas Snake"" Kinney and Tom Egan, the Egan's Rats emerged from St. Louis's Irish slums. They learned their trade the old-fashioned way, via robberies,...

Bad Seeds in the Big Apple

Bad Seeds in the Big AppleBandits, Killers, and Chaos in New York City, 1920-1940

Patrick Downey

Bad Seeds in the Big Apple' is the first book to profile New York City's notorious bandits, gunmen, and desperados of the Prohibition and Depression eras. While numerous books have been written on the...

Criminal Minds

Criminal MindsSociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants

Jeff Mariotte

An authorized tie-in to the popular TV show Criminal Minds ...

Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect

Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect

Robert House

An investigation into the man Scotland Yard thought (but couldn't prove) was Jack the Ripper ...

Murder in the Heartland: Book One

Murder in the Heartland: Book One

Harry Spiller

In a place where murder isn’t supposed to happen—Southern Illinois—deputy sheriff and investigator Harry Spiller learned the hard reality: murder is all around us. It doesn’t...

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