Books in Science

Everything's Relative

Everything's RelativeAnd Other Fables from Science and Technology

Tony Rothman

The surprising truth behind many of the most cherished facts in science history ...

In Search of the Multiverse

In Search of the MultiverseParallel Worlds, Hidden Dimensions, and the Ultimate Quest for the Frontiers of Reality

John Gribbin

Critical acclaim for John Gribbin ...

The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies

The Proper Care and Feeding of ZombiesA Completely Scientific Guide to the Lives of the Undead

Mac Montandon

A scientific look at zombies-the ultimate guide to how the other half lives (or not) ...

The Science of Battlestar Galactica

The Science of Battlestar Galactica

Patrick Di Justo

he official guide to the science behind the Battlestar Galactica universe ...


ColliderThe Search for the World's Smallest Particles

Paul Halpern

An accessible look at the hottest topic in physics and the experiments that will transform our understanding of the universe ...

Hack the Planet

Hack the PlanetScience's Best Hope - or Worst Nightmare - for Averting Climate Catastrophe

Eli Kintisch

An inside tour of the incredible—and probably dangerous—plans to counteract the effects of climate change through experiments that range from the plausible to the fantastic ...

The Case for Pluto

The Case for PlutoHow a Little Planet Made a Big Difference

Alan Boyle

Pity poor Pluto: It's a planet that was discovered because of a mistake, a planet that turned out not to be a planet at all, thanks to a still-disputed decision made in 2006. And yet, Pluto is the...

Life By the Numbers

Life By the Numbers

Keith Devlin

Acclaim for Life by the Numbers ...


KanziThe Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh

The remarkable story of a "talking" chimp, a leading scientist, and the profound insights they have uncovered about our species ...

The Weather Companion

The Weather CompanionAn Album of Meteorological History, Science, and Folklore

Gary Lockhart

A fascinating look at weather, including a wealth of unusual proverbial and naturalist lore. Makes the vagaries of the weather comprehensible, from the point of view of naturalists, and both modern...

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