Amy Ammen

Amy Ammen

Amy Ammen started training her first dog, Tess, in 1975.  Four years later, at the age of 15, she began instructing classes and private training at all levels and eventually trained dogs while boarding.  In 1980, Amy opened Amiable Dog Training which offers classes and private instruction in Milwaukee and Honolulu.  

Since 1990, dog training organizations throughout the United States and Canada host "The Infinite Instructor" and "Training The Average Dog To Win" workshops for obedience trial enthusiasts.  Festivals, libraries, schools and many other venues invite Amy's Dancing Dogs to perform and show audiences "How to Be a Dog's Best Friend."

Amy is the author of Dual Ring Dog - Successful Training for Both Conformation and Obedience Competition (Howell Book House, 1991), Training in No Time - Effective Techniques for Hectic (Howell Book House, 1995),  Dog Training (Howell Book House, 1997), Everything Dog Book (Adams Media, 2002), Everything Puppy Book, Adams Media, 2004) and Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs (Howell Book House, 2007).

Amy has hosted several TV and radio shows including Dogclass TV and The Everything Pet Show and is a frequent expert  on-air commentator.

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