Christie A. Korth

Christie A. Korth

Christie has been very passionate about health and wellness since healing herself from a crippling case of Crohn's disease through diet and lifestyle changes.  As a result of this condition, she also suffered bouts of extreme anxiety and depression. Just when she thought she has her tummy under control, in early 2007, she went on to discover that she had severe gluten intolerance. She has since committed herself to promoting education and awareness about eating healthy and gluten-free, in addition to helping hundreds of people resolve troubling health concerns.


Christie is the founder and director of Happy & Healthy Wellness. Through her work, she helps people make better food and lifestyle choices. She specializes in digestive disorders and conducts gluten-free cooking classes, health food store tours and lectures. She also works closely with her local Celiac Support Group.     

In addition to this experience, she has a lovely office at Long Island Integrative Medical, which is home to her practice. 

Additionally, she is the Corporate Nutritionist for Brain Balance Achievement Centers.  She designs nutrition protocols for children who are afflicted with ADHD, Autism, Asperger's and Dyslexia. She trains the doctors at Brain Balance Centers across the country on various topics to better serve the children the company serves.  Further, Christie is also author of The IBD Healing Plan(Hunter House 2012).


Christie received her training to practice Health Counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories—combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts like the USDA food pyramid, the glycemic index, the Zone and raw foods. 

She is a Certified Health Counselor through Columbia University's Teacher's College. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health. Christie is also Certified as a Group Facilitator from Adelphi Universtiy.  Before embarking on her nutrition mission, she attended Suffolk County Community College where she holds 55 credits in the Human Services Program for Social Work.

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