Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

Dr. Adam Shafran was born to be a Health and Fitness expert. He played lots of sports growing up, (even football if you can believe that). But he was especially good at tennis and overachieved his way to a national ranking. He was able to parlay his athletic skills to play tennis for Rutgers University where he also pursued his passion of fitness .

After Graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Exercise Physiology, Dr. Shafran traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Life Chiropractic College. Upon earning his Doctorate, Dr. Shafran began practicing in Atlanta and soon found his niche by combining his expertise in Exercise Science with Sports Medicine and began treating many top professional athletes.

His reputation grew so widely in the Atlanta area from not only treating sports injuries but because of his tennis knowledge and ability that he soon became a highly sought after strength and conditioning coach for World Class Tennis Professionals and French Open Champions, Luke and Murphy Jensen. Dr. Shafran became affectionately known as "Dr. Speed" due to his ability to quickly take athletes to the next level of performance. Dr. Shafran's attention to detail with all aspects of sports training, catapulted the Jensens' World Ranking from #72 to a year-ending, astounding #9. Dr. Shafran continued to work with world class athletes such as former world top ten players Brenda Schultz-McCarthy and David Pate and former NCAA Champions Kerri Phebus and Rebecca Jensen.

In 1999, Dr. Shafran and Lee Kantor formed Neighborhood Fitness, the first personal training fitness studio/wellness center in Alpharetta, Georgia. A short time later they wrote “You Can’t Lose Weight Alone. The Partner Power Weight Loss Program.” The philosophy of that book became the cornerstone of their Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show.

Dr. Shafran has been a well regarded public speaker in the health and fitness industry for many years. And now he and Lee Kantor are available for speaking engagements as Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy on the topics of adding health and activity into your life, losing weight naturally and other health related topics.

Today, Dr. Adam Shafran is an internationally known Health and Fitness expert who has appeared and contributed material for global giants like the BBC Worldwide, The Huffington Post, WebMD, Women’s Fitness, Eating Well Magazine, and SoBeFit Magazine. He is also the co-author of “35 Ways To Raise Active Kids.” Dr. Shafran also appears weekly as “Dr. Fitness” on a very successful radio show in Atlanta, Georgia and has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, NY Times best-selling authors, pro athletes, internationally acclaimed chefs, and inspiring stories. His interviews have included people  like Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, Jack Lalanne, Kathy Smith, Jackie Warner, Marilu Henner, Rocco Dispirito, Devin Alexander, Lisa Lillien (“The Hungry Girl”), Football Legend Mercuy Morris, Coach Brad Gilbert, Robby Ginepri,  Dr. Brian Wansink, Dr. Barbara Rolls, Dr. David Kessler, Dr. Gerald Musante, Dr. Jonny Bowden, and countless others. Dr. Shafran has also appeared weekly on ABC Affiliate WAAY-TV in Huntsville, AL as “Ask Dr. Fitness,” and has been featured on “Sports Saturday Night with Fred Kahlil on 11Alive,” NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Shafran has also helped many online communities and has contributed his time and energy serving on the advisory board for,, and, and the  

Dr. Adam Shafran lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife Nanci, and his three children Evan, Adam, and Rebecca.


Lee Kantor didn't set out to become the Fat Guy. He kind of grew into the Fat Guy physique and persona as his metabolism slowed and his stress levels increased. Growing up in Miami, Florida, Lee was a very active kid, who has fond memories of playing catch and racquetball with his Dad. Today he can be found playing catch and racquetball with his son Max and taking family walks with his wife, Abbe. When he isn't co-hosting the Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy show Lee produces radio shows for entrepreneurs at Business RadioX in Atlanta, Georgia.

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