Elizabeth Smith Brownstein

Elizabeth Smith Brownstein

Born, raised, and educated Taunton, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Smith Brownstein found a love of history very early in life. She furthered her intense interest in American history at Wellesley College and The London School of Economics and Political Science. Her career, spent largely in the production of public affairs programs and cultural documentaries for both public and commercial television, began at CBS headquarters in New York City, where for four years I served as chief television researcher. Elizabeth has worked as writer, researcher, and producer for some of the distinguished, intellectually demanding figures in television: Lawrence Spivak, Eric Sevareid, Martin Agronsky, Adrian Malone, and Martin Carr.

Since the age of 18, Elizabeth has traveled widely in the United States, Europe, and Africa. She traveled across America, visiting over 125 potential sites in 20 states doing research for her first book, If This House Could Talk…Historic Homes, Extraordinary Americans (Simon & Schuster 1999). Abraham Lincoln’s Springfield, Illinois house, the only home he ever owned, was included in the book.  Intensive research on that site, together with childhood intrigue for her father’s small Lincolniana collection, furnished the base from which she began working on Lincoln’s Other White House.

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