Hogan Hilling

Hogan Hilling

Hilling is the author of seven parenting books, fatherhood expert and he has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment about stay-at-home dads and ABC’s Documentary, “The Story of Fathers and Sons.” Since 1992 Hilling has co-founded and helped establish several fatherhood networks in the USA. Hilling started a Dadly Campaign  The Campaign’s mission is to strengthen, unify and inform the parenting community.  Hilling’s book list includes Pacifi(Her): What She’s Thinking When She’s Pregnant, Rattled: What He’s Thinking When You’re PregnantThe Modern Mom’s Guide to Dads: Ten Secrets Your Husband Won’t Tell You. To learn more about Hilling’s other books visit

Hilling received the 1995 California Courage to Care Award for his service as a fatherhood advocate. Since 1992 he co-founded support groups for dads which included Dads Clubs in elementary schools; served as an instructor for expectant dads in hospitals; as a facilitator of workshops for dads with different family dynamics, income level, religions and ethnic backgrounds; and as a facilitator for St. Andrews Divorce Recovery Workshop in Newport Beach, CA. He has also served as a Board Member for the National At-Home Dad Network Hilling currently serves as a committee member with People of Distinction


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Rattled: What He’s Thinking When You’re Pregnant

For the last twenty-five years, there has been a call for new dads to be more sensitive...


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