Julie Nygard

Julie Nygard

Julie Nygard has been interested in health and nutrition her entire life, and has researched popular diets and food trends for more than 25 years. She studied nutrition in college and has a Nutrition Educator’s Certificate from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. Julie had long considered chocolate her second passion, yet she rarely consumed it until the health benefits of chocolate news broke. She decided to capitalize on the opportunity to combine her lifelong loves. Her book, The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate is the result of this unique intersection.

Julie gives numerous presentations every month to various groups about chocolate and healthy eating.  She presents at corporate sessions, luncheons, schools, for women’s groups, men’s groups, government agencies, non-profit organizations, private events and more.  She also teaches chocolate & wine pairing and chocolate & tea pairing classes and has traveled internationally as a guest speaker on cruise lines, offering a series of lectures about chocolate.

Chocolate Company

Julie’s shop, The Chocolate Therapist, makes handcrafted all-natural chocolates onsite in Littleton, Colorado.  The chocolate collection is made with natural chocolate, nuts, berries, spices and organic flavoring oils, all custom-designed to support the natural-eating concepts in her book.  The shop also serves locally roasted coffee.  


Julie has appeared on local television and national radio numerous times to educate people about the health benefits of chocolate.  She’s currently working to expand her brand nationally.

Additional Books

In addition to The Chocolate Therapist, Julie is also the author of three additional books:  Dare to Pair:  The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate & Wine PairingChocolate Soiree:  How to Throw the Ultimate Chocolate Party, and The Last Damn Diet: A Step by Step Guide to End Your War With Food Forever.


Julie gives a percentage of profits from all book and chocolate sales to children’s programs focused on poverty, hunger, shelter, medical issues and education.


Julie Nygard graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver with a degree in psychology.  After nearly thirteen years as a department manager for a wholesale sporting goods company, she left to start her own company.  Five successful years later, she sold it to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

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