Kenneth L. Chastain, Jr.

Kenneth L. Chastain, Jr.

The Life of Kenneth L. Chastain, Jr. was powerfully impacted by two things: aviation and his father, a pilot.

Born February 1, 1939, just prior to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, as a child, Chastain, Jr. knew only a world at war.  From his infant years when his father flew during World War II to the post-war aircraft repair business his father ran in Indio, California to the check rides in PT-17s and PT-19s at the young age of seven, Chastain, an only child, grew up around airplanes.  After the premature death of his mother, Chastain’s father returned to flying – this time with commercial airlines.  The demanding schedule built a great divide between Chastain and his father.

It was not until the last years of his father’s life that Chastain reconnected with the man who influenced his life.  Together they traveled back in time, rediscovering their past and the role that aviation played in both of their lives.  Their many conversations led to this powerful chronicle on aviation and the tenuous relationship between a son and his father.

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