Lani Simpson

Lani Simpson

Dr. Lani Simpson is a chiropractic doctor and a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD). She has praticed in women’s health care for 25 years, treating thousands of patients with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. An expert in bone density aanalysis, osteoporosis and hormone balancing, she cofounded the East Bay Menopause and PMS Center and the Osteoporosis Diagnostic Center in Oakland, CA. Dr. Lani has a private practice in Berkeley, CA, where she consults with both women and men on bone health and hormone related issues.

Dr. Lani’s personal experience with osteoporosis began in 1994, when, at the age of 45, she was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis. That diagnosis impelled her to learn everything she could about the disease, and about cultivating optimal bone health. She shares her years of research, and her expertiese as a CCD, with her patients, and now her readers in her new book Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide, available for purchase through this site (click HERE to learn more and purchase your own copy)

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