Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks is the author of six critically-acclaimed thrillers, and the guy behind, one of the fastest-growing and most respected writing sites on the internet. His latest novel is DEADLY FUAX, released by Turner Publishing, who will also be publishing his four prior novels as trade paperbacks within months following the DEADLY FAUX release, and will be releasing another new novel, THE SEVENTH THUNDER in April 2014.

Brooks was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He graduated with a degree in marketing communications from Portland State University, where he attended in the off-season during a five-year run as a professional baseball player in the Texas Rangers organization. He was a pitcher, and to this day is still undergoing medical and therapy procedures from years of trying to throw a ball through a wall.

This led to his first published writing: a magazine article on the life of a minor league pitcher. Still not keen on a writing career - like most of the newly graduated, he had his eye on the money back then - his first stints in a business suit had more than a few more swings and misses. He says he was history's worst stockbroker for the world's largest brokerage firm, then the world's worst personnel manager in a now-defunct major department store (remember what Dirty Harry said about Personnel managers?), in addition to a couple of other humbling career fliers he chooses to forget. Each crashing career resulted in another published magazine piece lampooning the experience, and his interest in writing began to emerge as his best - and perhaps last - viable career option.

In 1983 he answered an ad for a "script writer" at a small audio-visual production company - eight arteests and a slide projector. Cut to 1996, when the company was one of the largest marketing and training firms in the western U.S., and Brooks was the executive creative director and a partner, with some 120 employees and a portfolio with more corporate videos, brochures, websites and other useless stuff than Harlequin has romances. He and his partners sold the business in 1999, at which point Brooks ran toward the career he'd been quietly cultivating on the side for the prior two decades - writing novels and screenplays. 

His first published novel, DARKNESS BOUND, was based on one of his original screenplays, featuring - here's a surprise - a stockbroker who hates stockbrokering. It debuted in October 2000, spending three weeks on the USA Today best-seller list. His second novel, PRESSURE POINTS - an ad exec who hates the ad business - appeared to solid reviews in December 2001, with comparable sales. His third novel, SERPENT'S DANCE, was a February 2003 release from Signet paperbacks, and was also well reviewed despite selling like parkas in Pakistan. And his fourth, July 2004's BAIT AND SWITCH , earned a starred review from Publisher's Weekly, who also named it their lead Editor's Choice for that month, and at year end to two of their lists: Best Overlooked Books of 2004 (the only paperback so named; perhaps, says Larry, a dubious honor) and Best Books of 2004 (lead entry, mass market).

DEADLY FAUX, his newest novel, is a sequel to BAIT AND SWITCH, bringing the hero, Wolfgang Schmitt, back for more seduction of dangerous women who are not based on the author's real-life wife.

His book on writing - Story Engineering: Understanding the Six Core Competencies of Successful Writing - was published by Writers Digest Books in February 2011, and his second writing book, Story Physics: Harnessing the Underlying Forces of Storytelling," came out from WDB in June 2013. Book books leverage the growing audience for his writing-skills website (, which explores a fresh and rhetoric-free perspective on writing fiction from a carefully articulated model and plan, rather than the seat-of-the-pants creative chaos so many writers employ

In late 2002, Brooks' script for the adaptation of DARKNESS BOUND was named a finalist in the prestigious Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the folks who bring you the Oscars. It was one of ten scripts selected out of 6044 submissions, which he hopes you find impressive, especially since he didn't end up winning one of the five Fellowships. He got the t-shirt anyway.

Brooks has been teaching writing workshops since the mid-1980s. (As he writes this, he's making the international mime sign for a telephone receiver and holding it up next to his ear.)

Brooks is very happily married to his wife of 18 years, Laura, an artist and interior designer, who wants you to know she "is not the Dark Lady" (the villainess from his first novel), though central casting might disagree. He also has a wonderful son, Nelson, who is 23 and a manager in the beverage industry after a degree from USC; three supportive step-children, Tracy, Scott and Kelly; and seven step-grandchildren who have no clue what "Poppy" does for a living, only that he can still bench press the family car. 

Larry and Laura live Scottsdale, AZ, where the heat and the spectacularly bad drivers are challenging. 

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