Michael Alexiades

Michael Alexiades

Michael Alexiades, a celebrated orthopedic surgeon by day,is now an author by night. He has turned his passion for detail to his riveting first novel, Night Harvest. From the Armani clothing that he sports, to the Ducati motorcycles he rides and the mastiffs he raises, no description is too small or unimportant for this lifelong New Yorker. The enthusiasm for thoroughness has made Dr. Alexiades not only an renowned orthopedic surgeon, but also an exhilarating first time author. 

Dr. Alexiades was born and raised in New York to Greek immigrants. His parents stressed the importance of study and hard work and this emphasis inspired Dr. Alexiades' strong work ethic and his devotion to medicine. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and four years later, he earned his M.D. from Cornell University where he is currently on the medical faculty. Dr. Alexiades is an attending orthopedic surgeon at three premier New York City Hospitals--Hospital for Special Surgery, New York Presbyterian, Lenox Hill Hospital --specializing in knee and hip operations. He has received national attention on the CBS TV program, The Doctors, for his anterior hip replacement surgery, which shortens the recovery time.

When Dr. Alexiades isn't in the operating room, or teaching medical students or residents, his creativity turns towards writing fiction. As a novelist, the cuts and edits Dr. Alexiades makes on a page are as precise as the incisions he makes on a patient's affected joint. 

A passion for the detailed works of Mozart, Beethoven and Verdi as well the expansive fantasy worlds in R.A. Salvatore and George R.R. Martin's writings and those of numerous thriller and mystery writers serve as inspiration for him. In his debut novel, the thriller, Night Harvest, he has drawn upon his professional life as well as his artistic influences to catapult the reader into a mystery as well as the network of tunnels underneath New York City. He has completed his second novel of the Harvest Trilogy, coming next year.

As a husband, a boxer, an author of numerous medical articles, an assistant professor and former Overseer at Cornell University Medical College, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery Examiner, chair of the NYPD Medical Board, Chair of Fitness at the New York Athletic Club, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon and as an author, Michael Alexiades has excelled in all his creations and endeavors. 
No matter how diverse his universe, Dr. Alexiades is a true renaissance man.

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