Py Kim Conant

Py Kim Conant

"S. Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man" is my first English language book (published by Hunter House). I position myself as an interpreter of the Japanese Geisha's way to a Western/American audience. 

I find that I exist in three distinct cultures living in the US: my original Korean culture, the American culture into which I moved, and the stereotyped 'Asian' culture that people apply to me when I meet them. 

My secrets that I share in my book come out that three-part cultural background, and out of my own experiences to attract and marry the right man for me. 

I have published three books in Korean and have written a bi-weekly column for the Korea Daily in Southern California. 

Since last November 2006, I have appeared more than hundred TV and radio shows, including the Tyra Banks Show. I became a TV and radio personality.

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