Rashelle Brown

Rashelle Brown

Rashelle Brown is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach who has been helping individuals achieve their wellness goals since 2008. She also covers health and fitness topics for a variety of publications and websites. Her work has appeared in the IDEA Fitness Journal and she contributes regularly to, and the PBS website She is the founder of Well Curated Life, where the mission is helping everyone live their best lives. You can learn more at

Books by Rashelle Brown



Can You Really Lose Weight Just By Walking?

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Excuse me, is that food you’re eating? If it came from a bag or a box or a drive-through...

Weight Loss Diet Tip #1: Take the Rainbow Challenge

People often ask me what the best diet for weight loss is. I tell them it’s the diet...

How Stress Affects Weight and Weight Loss

The hormonal response to chronic stress is a complex one, and unfortunately one that works...

Are You Ready to Reboot Your Body?

Permanent weight loss can seem elusive. Progress may be quick and steady at first, but...


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