Sarah J. Carlson

Sarah J. Carlson

The eldest of five children, I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I spent the first few years of my life in dying coal mining towns in the Pocono Mountains. My father’s career as a Methodist minister took us to Wisconsin, where I spent the rest of my childhood growing up in places ranging from unincorporated towns of four hundred to the suburbs of Milwaukee. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master’s of Science in Education, and an Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology.

Currently, I live outside Madison, Wisconsin with my husband and young daughter. I work as a school psychologist in an elementary school with a diverse, mostly low income population; I have also worked in middle schools. My professional areas of focus include supporting the success of children with behavioral and mental health needs and helping to promote resilience in children who have been exposed to trauma or toxic stress. 

I have had the opportunity to live in Singapore for a year and a half; there, I had the unique chance to be enmeshed in cultures different from my own. I also love adventures; I’ve been lucky to travel to seventeen countries on four continents and counting. I’ve taken multiple trips to Belfast and broader Northern Ireland over the past seven years since first visiting in 2011 over the Twelfth of July, staying at places such as Queens University Belfast and a local hostel in the Falls run by an organization that works to foster cross community development.

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