Shawn Talbott

Shawn Talbott

Dr. Shawn Talbott is one of America’s leading lifestyle experts, helping people to Feel, Look, and Perform at their peak potential. His background includes:

• Sports Medicine (B.S. – Marietta College) 
• Fitness Management (B.A. – Marietta College) 
• Exercise Science (M.S. – University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 
• Nutritional Biochemistry (Ph.D. – Rutgers University) 
• Entrepreneurship (E.M.P. – Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
• Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.) 
• Licensed Nutritionist (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) 
• Fellow – American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 
• Fellow – American Institute for Stress (AIS) 
• Fellow – American College of Nutrition (ACN)

Dr. Talbott is the author of over 200 articles and 10 books on nutrition, fitness, and wellness. He has served as a nutrition educator for a variety of elite-level athletes including professional triathletes, NBA basketball players, and members of the US Ski team, the US Track & Field team, and the US Olympic Training Center. As an athlete himself, Shawn has competed at the elite level in rowing, cycling, and triathlon.

Dr. Talbott’s research is primarily focused on metabolism, weight loss, sports nutrition, and human performance with a particular emphasis on developing interventions to improve “Vigor” – defined as a three-tiered mood state characterized by physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well-being. His work on obesity prevention and vigor improvement have been featured in media outlets around the world, including The Dr. Oz Show and at the White House as part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity.

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