Connect · Before the Continuums: Jennifer Brody and the Origins of the Continuum Trilogy.

Before the Continuums: Jennifer Brody and the Origins of the Continuum Trilogy.


Ever wonder what it might be like if we couldn’t live on the surface of the Earth anymore? After watching footage of environmental devastation on the news, I started to have a vision for what our future might look like if we’re not careful.

The best speculative fiction can predict the future. Many times, I’ll find myself thinking—Wait, didn’t Ray Bradbury write about how in the future we would become addicted to reality TV? It can also serve as a giant warning sign flashing at us, envisioning where we might be headed if we continue on a certain path. I wasn’t planning to write speculative fiction at all, but then one day I was watching TV news footage of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Like most people, I was horrified by the environmental devastation. As I watched the thick, black sludge slowly spreading over the surface of the ocean like a malevolent tide and suffocating all sorts of fish and animal life, I had this thought—what if you couldn’t live on the surface of the Earth anymore because it was toxic? What if you had to live really deep in the ocean to survive? 

I’ve always been fascinated by the deep-sea environment, which we know less about than the surface of Mars (another seed of an idea). I walked around with these barebones ideas rattling around in my head. One day, I was hiking in the Hollywood Hills with my dog, and the big idea just hit me all at once. What if a professor at Harvard (where I went to college) could foresee the coming destruction and devised a plan to save people in colonies? Not only they be located in the ocean trenches, but also deep underground and in outer space, including a Mars colony, because nobody knew which environment was best suited for long-term human survival. That was when I knew I had to write it.

The 13th Continuum began to take shape in my mind. But I also knew that one book wouldn’t be sufficient to contain the world that was fast growing and expanding in my mind. I began plotting a trilogy and planning to write the books using multiple points of view, examining the world from different characters’ perspectives. That way, I could tell a story that was set in more than one colony. For the first book, I decided that I would tackle an underwater colony and an outer space colony mainly. In that way, Myra and Aero’s journeys became the focal point of telling a much bigger story. While my books envision the end of the world as we know it, they also maintain that one key trait can save us—hope. They tell the story of humanity we can come back from the abyss.

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