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I am Steve Bodansky and my wife Vera and I wrote Extended Massive Orgasm right around the turn of the century as it was published in 2000. It seems like a long time ago, an extended time for sure or many orgasms ago at least. It has reached and we believe has helped many thousands and thousands of folks with their sex lives all over the world as it was translated into a number of languages.

     The derivation of the title Extended Massive Orgasm is curious in itself. We were originally going to call our book The Art of Female Orgasm. However our publisher was not crazy about that title. We had been giving this course for a number of years where we demonstrated a one-hour orgasm in front of a class. We decided to call the class the DEMO class and wanted an acronym for DEMO. The result was Demonstration of an Extended Massive Orgasm or DEMO. It could have been Expanded Mammoth Orgasm or a number of other possible words but the extended and massive reverberated with our audience and with us and we kept it. Our publisher thought that Extended Massive Orgasm was the perfect title for our book too, so ergo that is what followed.

     The book was very popular around the world and our publisher asked us to write a sequel almost immediately. The result of that was The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm, which takes our work on orgasmic pleasure into even further depth.

     In 2011 Audrey Kelley made an Internet movie called Extended Massive Orgasm, available on U-tube. There is even talk in Hollywood of a story based on the book.

      Last year I wrote my first novel and it is an extremely sensual story where the character’s sex lives and orgasms keep expanding. I was looking for a title again and what I came up with was Extended Massive Orgasm: The Novel. The title may not be too original but it describes the book well.

      The name of our website for the past 15 years is also  From just coming up with a simple acronym the Extended Massive Orgasm connotation and association has become our calling card and our life’s work.