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Get Fit While You Sit


Get Fit While You Sit is a total body, low impact workout designed for almost everyone.  Although a perfect workout for those who have physical limitations, it is also a great fit for those who are desk bound, traveling, or in need of an alternate fitness program.  Those limited by time constraints from going to the gym on a regular basis will find Get Fit While You Sit to be a convenient alternative.  There is no need to purchase a pricy gym membership.  No need for costly equipment.  All that is needed to begin the Get Fit While You Sit program is a chair and the book. The directions and photographs for each exercise make this an easy to understand routine.  Get Fit While You Sit includes the one-hour program with exercises for the entire body.  There is a section for special needs and limited physical conditions as well as the ten-minute plan for the work place or the truly rushed.  The five-day short program gives a perfect low impact approach to exercise for those who find an hour of exercise too physically stressful.  It is also an ideal way to put fitness into your day if you have a particularly rushed schedule.  Get Fit While You Sit takes simple movements and makes them enjoyable to do.  Many find the Easy Exercise Checklist to be particularly helpful and convenient to follow.


Beginning with warm-up exercises, this program moves though all parts of the body including a workout with light hand weights, aerobics, and a cool-down.  There are no complicated movements. The deep breathing exercises and facial stretches are especially relaxing.  As a dancer and teacher, I find these exercises to be helpful in all of my classes. It has been a pleasure to introduce my Get Fit While You Sit workout to so many people.  And the results have been rewarding as well.  Fitness is such a great health benefit.  We all want to look and feel better, and an easy, convenient fitness program gives us some of what we need to feel healthy.  Fitness and health is a lifelong process that provides us a higher quality of living. Exercise, when incorporated daily, becomes an inexpensive dose of healthy living which provides an improved mental and physical attitude.  We feel better, we look better, and we enjoy life a little more.