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Happy Pub Week to FOOD SANITY


What the heck are we supposed to eat?

All I know is NO CARBS.  Except like, whole grains, right? 
And NO EGGS.  Except the whites, right?
And NO MEAT.  Except lean chicken, right?
And NO DAIRY.  Except milk for strong bones, right?
And NO MERCURY-LADEN FISH.  Except what about Omega-3’s…
And NO SUGAR.  But what about calorie-free sugar substitute?  It’s really the calories we don’t want, right?
And NO FAT.  Wait, I thought avocados... right… right…?  I’m freaking out here!

It’s seriously confusing.  Everyday there’s a new diet promising miraculous weight loss and immortality.  Dr. Friedman teaches that the word diet comes from the Greek ­­­­diaita meaning "a way of life.”  Then he gives advice on how to cut through all the diet nonsense we’ve always been fed and realize what we need to eat every day for optimal health.  He utilizes a 3-tier approach called “DIG.”  D – discover, I – instinct, and G – God.   (This isn’t a strictly religious thing, but rather just a way to complete the anagram and look at the blueprints of humanity all at once.)  Then he breaks down all the major food groups and examines them through these three lenses.  What does science say?  What does your instinct say?  And what does your body say?  BAM.  Arm yourself with knowledge.

After 15 years spent interviewing hundreds of health advocates, scientists, doctors, and best-selling authors on his syndicated radio show, Dr. Friedman offers us this common sense meets common science approach to eating well. Thanks Food Sanity!

Here are just a few of the many topics addressed in Food Sanity:

  • Meats vs. Beets - the battle between paleo and vegetarian diet
    Dr. Friedman weighs the paleo and vegetarian diets’ pros and cons and reveals forensic fossil evidence divulging what exactly our ancestors really ate.
  • The mercury fish farce
    Health experts say to limit fish consumption to twice a week because many varieties contain dangerous levels of mercury, a neurotoxin. Dr. Friedman reveals shocking evidence that naturally derived mercury found in fish is not a health concern and explores cultures that eat fish three times per day whose blood tests show no mercury toxicity. Even pregnant females and their newborn children are not at risk from eating fish!
  • Ten tips for avoiding GMOs
    The numbers on the stickers you find on produce indicate how the product was grown. A 5-digit number beginning with 8 is a genetically modified food. 
  • Buying organic food that won’t break the bank
    Dr. Friedman shares tips on how to buy organic at affordable prices (e.g. Organic almonds, cashews, flax or sunflower seeds are available for a very low price when you bag them yourself.)

We've provided an informative book trailer from Dr. Freidman himself here! What to get a sneak peak? Check out the link below to read the introduction.