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Happy World Gin Day!


Happy World Gin Day!

Celebrate with Jeff Cioletti, author of The Year of Drinking Adventurously, as he heads to London for Gin Festival and explores the British gin renaissance.

What marks a gin a London Gin?

Here's some details from inside The Year of Drinking Adventurously: 

London Gin:

  • Made in a traditional still by redistilling ethyl alcohol in the presence of all natural flavorings used
  • Ethyl alcohol used to distill it must be of a higher quality than the minimum standard expressed for ethyl alcohol. The methanol level in the ethyl alcohol must not exceed five grams per hectoliter of 100 percent alcohol by volume
  • Flavorings used must all be approved natural flavorings and must impart the flavor during the distillation process
  • The use of artificial flavorings is not permitted
  • The resultant distillate must have a minimum strength of 70 percent alcohol by volume
  • Further ethyl alcohol may be added after distillation, provided that it is of the same standard
  • A small amount of sweetening may be added after distillation provided that the sugars do not exceed 0.1 grams per liter of finished product
  • The only other substance that may be added is water
  • No coloring is permitted 

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Catch the video below to travel with Jeff as he explores the classic spirit with some of London's most passionate Gin connoisseurs.