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Holistic Treatment for Crohn's and Colitis


From a holistic nutrition perspective, there are many different ways you can treat Crohns Disease. There are a number of foods that have been linked to triggering Crohn's symptoms, like dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar and caffiene. Of course, there are other foods that can have a negative effect on the disease, but these are generally the most common foods that can cause an issue.

When treating Crohn's with nutrition, it is very important to screen for food intolerance. It is also vital to determine if nutritional defificences playa role and what they are. Finally, one can take natural anti inflammatories, like fish oil or bromelian, both of which have been proven effective in decreasing the frequency or duration of a flare up. 

It should also be noted that people with Crohns tend be very busy, involved, Type A personalities who have the tendancy to skip meals or eat on the run, which are lifestyle factors that nutritional counseling can help with.