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Housetraining and the Small Dog


Little dogs can have big problems when housetraining is the issue.  It’s the first thing that will cause a small dog to lose his home. It’s thought that more dogs die as a result of behavior problems than any one disease. The major behavior problem is Housetraining. The problem isn’t so much the dog’s as it is the owner. Why? The simple reason is because most people who are new to small dogs don’t understand some basics about their new little family member.

Small dogs develop differently from their larger kin. The nice thing is that they tend to live longer, but it also means that it can take up to a year for your new little companion to be reliably housetrained. Too many owners give up too soon, not knowing that this is normal. Nor can the little puppy hold it for very long. If the puppy has to go in the middle of the night and you don’t take him out, it’s your fault if the puppy has no choice but to go in the house or, worse, in his crate or bed. This is why ai tell my clients to sleep in sweats so they can get up and take the puppy out.

There is so much more that you will need to know about housetraining a small dog, including the fact that most new owners don’t get down to business the way they would with a larger breed puppy. This is why I have an entire chapter dedicated to Housetraining in Small Dogs, Big Hearts. It can make a huge difference for you and your little family member.