Connect · Joanne Seiff links two loves: knitting and reading

Joanne Seiff links two loves: knitting and reading


Did you know that according to recent surveys, 1 in 3 women in North America knit or crochet?  That’s a lot of people…and it doesn’t include the many men who do needlework, either!  It turns out that being a knitter or someone who crochets (also known as a hooker!) means you might not have anything in common with other knitters-- aside from those needles.

When I wrote Knit Green and Fiber Gathering, I imagined a certain kind of person. I thought about people who like to read and reflect, those who want to explore societal connections or environmental issues through their needlework. For instance, Fiber Gathering links us not just through knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and rug hooking, but also through travel, the geography of North American fiber festivals, and the strong fiber arts community, in person and online.

When folks ask, “What are your books about…” I often mention Knit Green. I explain that it’s a book about environmental issues for knitters—and everyone else. You know, the kind of people who wear clothes. That’s right. Even if you don’t knit a single project in Knit Green, you might learn something important about the eco-impact of your clothing and your textiles from the essays included in the book. I tried to point out all the choices we have, both as crafters and as thinking consumers. We can affect global warming, support our local economies or co-ops in developing countries, genetic diversity, pollution, and more through the knitting designs, yarns or clothes we buy.

My latest effort, a new pattern line called A Yarn Spinner Story Pattern is another series of love letters for knitters who love to read. These allow readers who knit (or knitters who read) two pleasures at once. It’s short fiction, accompanied by a knitting pattern that stands on its own. This downloadable luxury offers a sweet combination for thinking knitters, particularly ones using a tablet or smartphone. Join a young, knitting businesswoman as she escapes from an unrequited love, or thwart a terror attack on a commuter train…all things that powerful knitters can do with watchful eyes and powerful needles.

This new series is available on Ravelry, a website with over 5 million users who knit and crochet. If you want to gift a story to a friend, you can do it for the price of a cup of joe.