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Journey to Pain Relief


JPR is a book born out of both the author’s own experience of severe, intolerable pain and the desire and dedication as a physiotherapist to assist the numerous patients that suffer from chronic, severe and unrelenting pain. Often this pain is seemingly unresponsive to conventional medications and procedures but actually does respond to pain management and specific non-interventional treatment modalities. 

The concepts within JPR include both mainstream and holistic medical treatments. JPR was written to satisfy all involved in pain management as it had to have appeal to both chronic pain patients and those who provide care, expertise and advice, namely – the therapists.   

JPR presents recent research that concludes that chronic pain patients need to express themselves to a compassionate listener, have an explanation of their condition, develop understanding and acceptance of their pain, learn coping skills such as breathing exercises, relaxation, mindfulness, visualization, understand their emotions relating to the pain and learn to think differently about their pain – this will affect and change neural conduction both in the brain and peripherally.

The above are coping skills that work in tandem with the correct application of various electrical currents that are suitable for the individual and will enable and empower the patient to improve their quality of life in the work, sport and the recreational environment.

JPR exposes both patients and therapists to different electrical and acupuncture treatments that often have positive effects bringing relief to many.  There are various electrical currents ((TENS – transcutaneous electrical stimulation, among others) that can be used for different types of pain – these may be inflammatory, neurogenic that includes some form of nerve compression and neuropathic where the nervous system is normal on visualisation (X rays) but hypersensitive and fires spontaneously creating sharp, shooting, burning pain among other sensations that seems to have ‘a life of its own’. Strengthening muscles by electrical stimulation and electric acupuncture often has profound effects on pain because pain produces weakness which then actually increases the pain. Assisted strengthening will facilitate active movements and exercise improving circulation with reduction of pain. Included in JPR are postural correction and specific exercises for neck, back and knee pain.

JPR covers many painful conditions that are difficult to treat such as complex regional pain syndromes, circulatory and recalcitrant wounds, failed back syndromes, degenerative spinal conditions with local and referred pain (sciatica), spinal pain from cancer and osteoporosis, headaches among many others. Treatments are provided for many different regions in the body – head, spine and joints. There are many case histories that will resonate with patients and demonstrate to therapists the methodology that guides treatment.

The author of JPR continues her research in pain management and has completed studies on newly developed electrical currents that are specific for neuropathic pain and those that also improve the immune system which has profound effects on inflammatory pain. Her most recent publications and articles are accessible on the website: