Connect · Kim Hooper's No Hiding in Boise is an Indie Next Pick

Kim Hooper's No Hiding in Boise is an Indie Next Pick


Kim Hooper's fifth novel, No Hiding in Boise, has been chosen as a July 2021 Indie Next pick! No Hiding in Boise tells the stories of three women inexplicably brought together by a mass shooting at a bar in Boise, Idaho. Angie's husband, Cale, was injured at the bar during the shooting (an outing he kept secret from his wife) and is now in a coma; Tessa was tending the bar that night and believes a stranger named Cale saved her life, and Joyce must face the reality no parent can imagine–that her son was the shooter. 

No Hiding in Boise is ready for the big screen, with Brad Silberling (writer/director of Moonlight Mile and director of City of Angels) attached to direct. "With this novel, Kim Hooper has created magic from the seemingly impossible. In her hands, the gossamer threads that tie three perfect strangers to each other following a shared tragedy, become nothing less than a transformative bond of human connection. Honest, brave, messy and unsparing, her characters are fearless pioneers in the darkness, and ultimately shed light for us on the most precious gift of all…life after loss," Silberling said. 

Independent booksellers across the nation are praising No Hiding in Boise, set to hit shelves June 15, 2021. To find it at an indie bookseller near you or to place an order online, please visit View the full July 2021 Indie Next list here.

"Kim's characters are so magnetic and real, her plot is heart pounding and heart breaking. This is a novel that follows interconnected characters as they live through the aftermath of a random shooting a local bar. What Hooper does it create an unbiased, emotional, and thoughtful story of grief, mental illness, and trauma. It was beautiful and had me crying more than once. An important book regarding mental illness as it relates to gun control." –Lauren Nopenz Fairley, Curious Iguana Bookstore

"No Hiding in Boise is a riveting novel...Hooper bravely tackles how this tragedy entwines the lives of three women--the mother of the shooter, the wife of a victim, and a bartender who, by the brave actions of another, is spared her life. What is remarkable about this novel is how perspective shapes everybody's version of this heartbreaking night, with a few twists and turns . . . and the power of forgiveness." –Lisa Childers, Laguna Beach Books

"[Hooper] seamlessly weaves all of the stories together, resulting in clearly defined characters and some surprising twists.” –Camille Kovach, Completely Booked, LLC

“Following three women and their connection to a shooting, NO HIDING IN BOISE is an excellent novel for recognizing growth in difficult circumstances and the human connection that lies beyond tragedy. All the feels.” –Addy Bowman, Wild Geese Bookshop

"This book is everything. It is a poignant reminder of all the ways tragedy can affect those close to it. Kim Hooper created real people with real pain from an event that touched each character in a different way. She wove together their stories so delicately that it felt like I had to sit in reverent silence as I read so as not to disturb or miss any of her words. This book is heavy, but it is important." –Catherine Edmondson, Main Street Books