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Midwest Book Review for March is OUT!


Midwest Book Review has announced their March 2015 reviews and THREE Turner Publishing titles are featured!

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Cosmosis  Rainer Rey

Jace is tracking his father's killer. Madison is carrying on her family's quest for sustainable resources after her last living relative is murdered as part of a cover-up. That these two individuals will find their paths converging is predictable. What is less predictable is the events that will follow as Jace and Maddy find themselves pitted against a mercenary task force that will stop at nothing to get their hands on a new energy source that holds ramifications for the future of the world. Add aliens into the thriller format, include more than a touch of (predictable) romance, and posit an alien alternative energy force that anyone would kill for and you have a page-turner that holds a few elements of surprises within what begins as a standard thriller format.

Cosmosis  Rainer Rey

Cosmosis provides an absorbing adventure thriller as it tells of Jason and Madison, who learn that their parents' mysterious deaths may just hold the key to a wider danger that could ultimately destroy humanity as a whole. Jace and his sister discover that both their parents played pivotal roles in the search for a source of limitless energy - and their mission to complete their parents' dream places them in direct conflict with mercenary forces that will kill any who get to the source of the riches first. Readers who appreciate a high-octane energy-driven thriller will find this story riveting.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

When Your Life is Touched By Cancer  Bob Riter

When Your Life is Touched By Cancer: Practical Advice and Insights for Patients, Professionals and Those Who Care is a special focus on the first days that follow a cancer diagnosis: a time of heady fear, despair, and confusion. The author is a cancer survivor who considers the issues that accompany a cancer diagnosis, following patient experiences from that initial moment through treatment and beyond and offering specific insights. From how to discuss cancer with friends, family and medical professionals to breaking the news to others and handling what happens when treatment is over, When Your Life is Touched By Cancer, more so than others, discusses the emotions accompanying diagnosis and is designed to be picked up and put down randomly, at will. This in itself is a special feature that contrasts sharply with other cancer books that could prove more overwhelming in detail and require a progressive approach: the beauty here lies in a flexibility that is just the ticket for a world newly changed.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Secrets of a Dog Trainer  Victoria Schade

There are plenty of dog-training books on the market that advocate all kinds of strategies for taming the beast; so why the need for yet another - and what are the 'secrets' that lend this title an aura of intrigue? Simply, it's Victoria Schade's approach to new answers to common dog obedience problems: approaches developed in the course of Schade's work as a professional dog trainer. She explains how minor problems can quickly evolve into major training challenges, she pairs case study examples with "choose-your-own-ending" scenarios in an unusual approach that reinforces various options and their logical results, and she shares positive training options that contrast with other training choices so reader get a full sense of everything involved. The result is a collection of innovative, tested methods that clearly differentiates between behavior modification approaches and training choices.