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New February Titles are HERE!


Baseball Prospectus 2015 is HERE and AVAILABLE NOW!

The essential guide to the 2015 baseball season is on deck now, and whether you're a fan or fantasy player—or both—you won't be properly informed without it. Baseball Prospectus 2015 brings together an elite group of analysts to provide the definitive look at the upcoming season in critical essays and commentary on the thirty teams, their managers, and more than sixty players and prospects from each team

Highlighting Rainer Rey's THREE Thrillers!

Day of the Dove
Available February 17th!
"Time is running out. The countdown is on. Caught in the crosshairs of a sweeping international conspiracy, Adams finds he has only fourteen days to save the world from the ultimate act of terror. . . . "

Replicator Run
Available February 17th!
The most sophisticated laboratories in the world soon discover the horrifying truth: the virus is man-made. What they must race to learn is why this microbe, called a replicator, was specifically created for a human host. The replicator enters cells, kills them, duplicates, and moves on . . . to another host. And twelve cases today will be thirty thousand tomorrow--a replicator run that will put the entire United States at risk for destruction.

Available February 24th!

"The Find uniquely combines the genre of a paramilitary thriller in the tradition of Tom Clancy with the supernatural themes found in the work of Tony Hillerman. This easy read, captivating, character-rich novel keeps you on edge until a startling conclusion leaves you wanting more. A one-of-a-kind, inspirational, and skillfully crafted tale from Rainer Rey." —Dr. Rachel Wagner, New York Times Bestselling Author