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Major Literary Debut Is Making Major Waves


Nick Yetto's Sommelier of Deformity is quickly picking up speed and bursting through the doors of brilliant literary minds like Christopher Moore and Jonathan AmesSommelier of Deformity is coming out of the gates strong even before the July, 24th publishing date. Recently, both Christopher Moore and Jonathan Ames spoke about Nick Yetto during separate podcasts as a tour de force writer and included comments about the unique and funny qualities that are sure to keep Nick Yetto writing and Buddy Hayes living long past the final page in Sommelier of Deformity.

Intrigued? You should be. Listen up to hear why you need to get your copy of Sommelier of Deformity before they are sold out.

During a Barnes & Noble podcast author Christopher Moore is asked about exciting books he is currently reading. He says, "It was such a delight to discover something that you think, my God, this is actually funny."

Click the B&N pocast to hear what else the Best Selling author had to say about Nick Yetto and Sommelier of Deformity.

While guest hosting a So Many Damn Books podcast, author Jonathan Ames, whose latest You Were Never Really Here (has now been turned in to a feature film and currently in theatres) boasts about the profound air and comedic content of Nick Yetto's debut novel, Sommelier of Deformity. 

Click to hear why Sommelier of Deformity gave Ames so much "happiness to, like, laugh" and perhaps inspired him to again write in the comedic genre. Hear the rest by clicking the link to the So Many Damn Books podcast.

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