Connect · Publisher's Weekly announces Fastest Growing Independent Publishers...And We're #2!!

Publisher's Weekly announces Fastest Growing Independent Publishers...And We're #2!!


We are more than thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the second fastest growing independent publishers for 2015!! This is our FIFTH time on the list, selected by Publisher's Weekly! We can guarantee we will be bringing you some incredible new titles this year, on top of the 3,000 titles we already publish!

They gave us a flattering write up as well...

"Turner Publishing’s 186% sales gain in 2014, over 2012, has been aided by acquisitions, which has helped raise its title count significantly and kept staffing levels even. Todd Bottorff, president and publisher, also points to the company’s higher profile, which has helped boost sales of its frontlist titles. The company’s biggest books last year were Baseball Prospectus 2014 and Gluten Freedom, by Alessio Fasano. The acquisitions have also diversified the Turner list, which now stands at more than 3,000 titles and includes such genres as historical romance, inspirational, thriller, and fitness. Bottorff has upped Turner’s direct marketing efforts, relaunching the company’s website. The new site features links to a number of retailers where Turner titles can be bought. Bottorff believes the investment he has made in raising Turner’s visibility with accounts will yield more dividends for the company’s frontlist this year. Among the titles he has high hopes for are Peter Kiernan’s American Mojo, a global view on the revitalization of the American middle class; the fully illustrated children’s book Leopold, written by Ruth Westheimer and Pierre Lehu and illustrated by Suzanne Beaky; and Pat Croce and Adam Slutsky’s debut YA historical pirate series, Plunder (book one is self-titled)."

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