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Recipe Cards from "The Freedom Diet"


The most up-to-date book in health & wellness today with a plan to lower blood sugar, lose weight, and change your life in 60 days from bestselling author Dr. Jessica Black, an expert in naturopathic medicine.

In today’s fast-paced world, sixty days sounds like a long time. But what if you could change your health forever in those sixty days? Originally designed by Dr. Jessica Black as a way to positively impact the lives of diabetics, The Freedom Diet reaches far beyond controlling blood sugar levels. Dr. Black’s plan helps people gain the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest by converting unhealthy habits into healthier ones through exercise and dietary changes. Proven effective over years of use by Dr. Black’s patients,The Freedom Diet details a plan not only for healthy living and weight loss but also for the prevention of premature aging and chronic illness.

Break your addictions, change your thinking, and never count calories again for the rest of your life. Your new life is only sixty days away.

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