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Safe and Sound at Home


Each year millions of people find their way to an emergency room as a result of a home accident.  A fall from a ladder, improper use of a power tool, and chemicals not used according to the label are just some of the reasons why injuries occur.  The risk of being injured, even fatally, at home is far greater than at work and while driving combined.  Many of these home injuries happen because homeowners aren’t familiar with common hazards, take unnecessary risks, or don’t think before the act.

Preventing Home Accidents (PHA) is a resource tool that helps to combat the odds of sustaining an injury around the house.  PHA educates and provides professional safety and health advice for being proactive and preventing mishaps. How are your hazard recognition skills?  How often do you really think about the safety condition of your home to keep you, your family, and friends’ safe in your castle? 

For the workplace the greatest challenge for employers is to improve the safety behavior of their employees so they make the right decision every time to prevent an injury.  The need to practice safety off-the-job is just as I mportant as it is on the job because an injured employee does the employer no good if they can’t come to work.  It’s about applying safety in a 24/7 fashion, at work and home, that over time changes behavior. PHA is a great resource for employers to help educate and empower their workforce to be safe and healthy wherever they go. 

With features such as safety checklists and instructional exercises PHA is great resource for protecting your family today.  Longtime do-it-yourself guru Bob Vila, This Old House, provides the Forward in PHA and a safety message that speaks to all of us about what really matters—the health and safety of our loved ones.  Bob says: “In PHA you will find a wealth of valuable, detailed information for preventing accidents…keep this book as part of your home reference library.”


About the Author:

Dan Hannan, PHA author, has been a health and safety professional for 25 years.  With a lack of good resources available for the homeowner Mr. Hannan adapted many commercial safety practices to be used by everyone.  Mr. Hannan lives with his wife and two children in rural Wisconsin