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“Why, it’s good for what ails you.”

That’s how my great-uncle described the virtues of any food or edible plant he knew to be healthy. Quite a few made his list, and as a result, I disliked nearly everything he put on the dinner table when we came to visit. But I always remembered this saying of his, along with his standard greeting when he met us at his front door: “Come in, and make your miserable lives happy!”

Recently, a lady wrote to me wanting a cure for eczema. I get a lot of letters like that, all of which I answer with a suggestion to do some reading. Not everybody likes a response like that. I mentioned that she could do a site search at, using the keyword “skin” as a starting point. That will bring up seventy-four matches. She replied that that was too general to really help her, for she wanted a specific cure for eczema.

And therein lies the problem.

Most folks want to know how to treat a particular disease condition, but are not interested in how to treat their whole body. Yet you cannot remove the first from the second. It sounds like a truism, but the way to get rid of a skin disease is to have healthy skin. Treating symptoms is allopathy (drug medicine). Natural healing is about treating the person with the symptoms. The quote at the beginning of this chapter is a good reminder for all of us. “Holistic” is more than a philosophy or catchy title. It is a way of life that is “good for what ails you.” You can exclude illness by actively creating a healthy body every day.

As you’ve probably already noticed, I advocate megadoses of vitamins (generally in conjunction with exercise, good diet, and stress reduction) for a wide array of different health conditions. Is this because I’m a simpleton obsessed with vitamins? No, it’s because what we call diseases are usually just different manifestations of the same problem: the huge vitamin deficiencies most of us silently and chronically endure. Get rid of the deficiency, and the disease disappears.

The quantity of a nutritional supplement that cures an illness indicates the patient’s degree of deficiency. It is therefore not a megadose of the vitamin, but rather a megadeficiency of the nutrient that we are dealing with.

Doctors would like you to believe that your health is very complicated, with thousands of diseases out there requiring thousands of patented drugs and trained experts to figure out what to use to keep you upright. But the truth is, health is pretty simple. The body evolved to last a long lifetime on only about two dozen naturally occurring nutrients. None of the basic building blocks of life are pharmaceutical drugs, not one. All living things in creation owe their lives to nature, not to technology. Emulate nature and medical intervention should play only a tiny role in your life.

In that spirit, I offer you my special do-it-yourself super remedy. If you do not feel well— and I would go so far to say for almost any reason—try this deceptively simple game plan. Go out of your way to promptly get to saturation of the following four key nutrients: niacin, vitamin C, water, and carotene. Then cut the junk out of your diet. This plan is uncomplicated, fast-acting, and very effective on a wide variety of illnesses. Elsewhere in the book I offer megadosing routines customized to a particular condition, but often I just refer you back to this one, because so many diseases are caused by a need for these four nutrients. If in doubt, this is the place to start.

1. Get to niacin saturation,

which is indicated by a mild, warm, pink-eared facial vasodilation known as a “flush.” (Inside Windsor Castle it is doubtless known as a “royal flush.”) If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, worried, or just plain ticked off, try this while you are pouring that double shot of bourbon and counting to ten: immediately take 50 to 100 mg of niacin (not niacinamide) every ten minutes until you feel nice and toasty. . . and happy. Then continue to take enough niacin throughout the day so that each dose makes you feel just a tad warm. If you think this will not work, it’s because you have not tried it. I refer to the niacin, not the bourbon.

While we’re at it, some Fearless Flush Facts: If I had a dime for every person worried about the flushing they experienced when taking large doses of niacin, I’d be a rich man. Niacin flushes are harmless. Some people (including me) enjoy them, especially in winter, as they are accompanied by some welcome warmth. Dr. Abram Hoffer says that the more niacin you take now, the less you will flush later. (See my chapter “Niacin Saturation” for more information.)

Time needed to see improvement: less than an hour.

2. Get to vitamin C saturation,

which is indicated by bowel tolerance. That means take a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C every ten minutes until you get, or feel like you are about to get, diarrhea. When you feel a rumbling in the bowel, you are close to bowel tolerance and can slightly reduce the amount of C that you’ve been taking. As you get well, you will find that the amount of C your body can hold automatically goes down. Follow my “take enough C to be symptom free” rule. This will both clean you out and jump-start your immune system. Vitamin C in quantity is the best broad-spectrum antitoxin, antibiotic, and antiviral there is. Cheapest, too. See my chapter “Vitamin C Megadose Therapy” for more information.

Time needed to see improvement: less than a day.

3. Get to carotene (and water) saturation.

These can be simultaneously achieved by twice daily juicing a big stack of green or orange vegetables, such as carrots. Yes, green as well as orange veggies are absolutely loaded with carotene. Yes, you really do have to drink it. What are you afraid of? When’s the last time a person died of vegetable overdose?

Saturation of carotene is reached when your skin turns a partial pumpkin color. Called “hypercarotenosis,” it is harmless. Looks cool, too, much like a suntan.

Abundant water intake is guaranteed by abundant juicing. When your tummy is full of juice, you will need to urinate a lot. That is all I mean by water saturation. Inside your skin, you are an aquatic animal. Water is good. Veggie juice is better. If you are worried about getting enough trace minerals, relax: most are amply found in the vegetables. See my chapter “Juicing” for more information.

Time needed to see improvement: less than a week.

4. Stop eating meat, sugar, and chemical food additives.

Be a near-vegetarian, or at least come as close as you can. There is nothing to it; just eat the other, good natural foods that you really like anyway—salads, nuts, your favorite vegetables, brown rice and other whole grains, fruits, and beans. Buy fresh or read every label. No chemicals, no sugar. Just do it!

Time needed to see improvement: less than two weeks.

If you think I’ve lost what’s left of my marbles, think again.

I have never been more serious. When I work with very sick people, the first “homework” I give them is to go flush, reach bowel tolerance, hydrate, turn orange, and save a cow. Sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? But people who do so feel better immediately. Their tests improve immediately. And they learn something of lasting practical value.

Many readers have written to say that when they try to talk to their physician about using nutritional medicine, the subject is promptly dismissed. Furthermore, such dismissal is often accompanied with doctor statements such as, “I have not seen any good research showing that vitamins work therapeutically.”

That your doctor has not seen the research is probably true. However, the research has been there all along. The problem is that many health practitioners are often too busy, and sometimes too complacent, to look for it.

It is time to change that. Orthomolecular (nutritional) medicine is well-established as safe and effective. If your doctor still believes that somehow it is not, s/he is behind the times.

And speaking of doctors, another request readers frequently write in with is, “Can you help me find an orthomolecular nutrition doctor near where I live?” For that, you search the Internet.

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