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Angelica Domenico is born in a blossoming lemon grove, a prophetic fusion of sweet bloom and bitter fruit on an island governed by volcanoes and earthquakes. An early childhood accident propels Angelica to battle trials in a world where proof of virginity is paramount. She suffers the trauma of her aunt’s death in childbirth, and is catapulted on a voyage towards the nunnery to seek refuge from a fear of intimacy. On the Feast of the Crucifixion, when Giacomo Scimenti enters the family shop, Angelica feels herself rent by lightning the instant they come face to face. A woman coping with the intricacies of loss, love, and yearning, Angelica realizes her destiny is not as a nun, but as a midwife, spouse, and mother.

Lemon Blossoms is the story of Angelica’s struggle in pursuit of feminine identity and heritage.

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