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Why Was A Second Edition of HEAL YOUR HIPS So Important?


We needed to write a second edition of Heal Your Hips because there is so much new information that we wanted to share with you. The entire landscape of how we view and treat hips has changed dramatically since Heal Your Hips was first published in 1999. This new book on hips will bring you the updated details as well as information about the latest orthopedic breakthroughs that weren’t even on our radar back then.

            In 2003, a doctor in Switzerland coined the phrase FAI (femoroacetabular impingement), and this has become the hottest topic in orthopedics today. Although we mentioned labral tears in our first book, that subject has greatly expanded and is closely connected with FAI. We were the pioneers in offering the lay public an alternative to total hip surgery if they were candidates for hip arthroscopy. Today, arthroscopic hip surgeries flourish for an entire “middle ground” of hip problems: FAI and torn labrums. And we hope that early detection of FAI and arthroscopic correction of the bony anatomy may prevent the need for hip implant surgery later in life.

            What hasn’t changed, however, is our original mission statement. We want to convert what we both do every day into a book – which will be available on October 13th. As you read our book, we want you to feel as if you’ve come into an examining room with me and entered a pool with Lynda Huey, and that the experience gives you a strong sense of certainty that we are going to help you get through whatever hip condition you might have.

            People have told us that between my analogies and metaphors and Lynda’s clear, concise writing, we are able to help our readers see pictures with our words. They have said that we make difficult orthopedic concepts easily understood, and we do it better than anyone else. We’ve become the team you can trust. We are your second opinion. 

            When we wrote the first hip book, the Internet barely existed. What we have seen is an explosion of information and a shrinking of the world. I have seen thousands of patients since that book came out, many of whom read the book, got on an airplane, and came to see me in my office and came to see Lynda Huey in her pool. It was always interesting to me to hear things like this from my patients: “I’m a skeptical person and I didn’t believe how miraculous the water exercises could be in truly changing my life.” The patients either prevented surgery with the pool program, or, if it turned out they had to have surgery, they had regained muscle strength and joint flexibility so that the surgery was much easier to go through.

            I think our first book was so successful because we didn’t just write a book. We held our readers’ hands as we explained difficult concepts and helped them understand what was happening to their hips.

            Now, in this new book, we’re taking it to the next level with Klapper Vision. You won’t find another book that uses the visual of an orange cut in half to describe the normal angle of the hip socket, but that’s Klapper Vision. The verbal animation of Klapper Vision combines my love of art and medicine as I teach. I relish the opportunity I have on the radio with ESPN, on television with Fox Sports, and in this book to explain intricate, scientific matters in understandable ways by using household and daily-life images and relating them to the anatomical structures we discuss. That’s my legacy.