Books by Eve Eschner Hogan

The EROS Equation

The EROS Equation A “Soul-ution” for Relationships

Eve Eschner Hogan

Based on the idea that it is our own response to a situation — rather than the situation itself — that creates a particular outcome, The EROS Equation is a unique approach to...

Intellectual Foreplay

Intellectual Foreplay A Book of Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be

Eve Eschner Hogan

This solutions-oriented guide offers problem solving and behavior changing strategies for people working on their most intimate relationships. The book provides readers with: enhanced knowledge of...

Virtual Foreplay

Virtual Foreplay Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success

Eve Eschner Hogan

Entering the world of online dating can be daunting and even dangerous. Virtual Foreplay addresses the need for a guidebook to this still largely unexplored area, but the author takes an unusual...

How to Love Your Marriage

How to Love Your Marriage Making Your Closest Relationship Work

Eve Eschner Hogan

Keeping the love in your marriage requires skills that most of us have not been taught in school or at home. Many people think that the secret to marriage is FINDING the love of your life. Of greater...