Books by Fred Lawrence Guiles

Marion Davies

Marion DaviesA Biography

Fred Lawrence Guiles

In this detailed biography of film star Marion Davies (nee Douras) who was in so many ways created by and for William Randolph Hearst -- the symbiotic relationship spanned from 1915 when W.R. first...

Joan Crawford

Joan CrawfordThe Last Word

Fred Lawrence Guiles

Meticulously researched, Joan Crawford: The Last Word deals in full with her long movie career and explores in detail her turbulent private life. Respected biographer Fred Lawrence Guiles uses newly...


StanThe Life of Stan Laurel

Fred Lawrence Guiles

tan, surprisingly, is the first full-length biography of the legendary comic who was the creative half of the universally loved duo, Laurel and Hardy. Based upon scores of interviews with family and...

Norma Jean

Norma JeanThe Life of Marilyn Monroe

Fred Lawrence Guiles

Marilyn Monroe remains the most provocative female legend of the twentieth century. What you may have known about her before was only the tip of the iceberg. For twenty years, the men and women who...

Jane Fonda

Jane FondaThe Actress in Her Time

Fred Lawrence Guiles

Jane Fonda has been in the public eye since birth; just being Henry’s daughter qualified her for celebrity status. However, her intelligence and talent compelled her to reach beyond this birthright...

Tyrone Power

Tyrone PowerThe Last Idol

Fred Lawrence Guiles

Tyrone Power was as versatile in life as he was on the screen. He was several men, and during the creation of this book I have been fortunate in having the other principal ‘lead” in each of these...