Books by Joan Gomez

Anemia in Women

Anemia in WomenSelf-Help and Treatment

Joan Gomez

Many women are unaware that they have anemia. Its symptoms, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, headaches, and poor concentration, are often attributed to stress rather than iron deficiency. Using...

Thyroid Problems in Women and Children

Thyroid Problems in Women and ChildrenSelf-Help and Treatment

Joan Gomez

The thyroid gland is central to the proper functioning of our bodies, regulating metabolism and organ function. Thyroid disorders result from an underactive thyroid - hypothroidism, with symptoms...

Positive Options for Crohn's Disease

Positive Options for Crohn's DiseaseSelf-Help and Treatment

Joan Gomez

Cases of Crohn's disease are on the rise in North America, Western Europe, and Australia. A chronic illness of the bowel, it can strike anyone, from children to older adults, with debilitating...