Books by Joel M. McMains


Manstopper! Training a Canine Guardian

Joel M. McMains

This very thorough book on training a protection dog builds from understanding protection work to training, being an agitator, evaluating temperament, and more. Safety is emphasized throughout. It is...

Kennels and Kenneling

Kennels and Kenneling A Guide for Hobbyists and Professionals

Joel M. McMains

Everything you need to know to build a palace for your dogs—From drawing up the plans to buying the lumber to sinking the fence posts to nailing the utility hooks to the wall, everything is...

Dog Logic

Dog Logic Companion Obedience, Rapport-Based Training

Joel M. McMains

To train your dog effectively, you must establish more than authority and obedience. You must train the dog to want to please you. You must establish rapport. It is upon this basis that the excellent...