Books by Karen Henrich

The Wonder of Boys

The Wonder of BoysThe World Through the Eyes of Boys

Karen Henrich

From a very young age, boys know who they are, and they tackle the world with all the passion and spirit they can muster. The contagious spirit and courageous sense of adventure of boys allows them to...

The Wonder of Girls

The Wonder of GirlsThe World Through the Eyes of Girls

Karen Henrich

It was once said, sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. Girls ARE all that and so much more. When she sees the first flowers blooming in the spring,...

The Wonder of Babies

The Wonder of BabiesThe World Through the Eyes of a Child

Karen Henrich

As a photographer of children and their families, Karen Henrich lives her life moment by moment, capturing timeless images of babies and small children in all their innocence and wonder. Her...