Books by Paul Pearsall

Partners in Pleasure

Partners in Pleasure Sharing Success, Creating Joy, Fulfilling Dreams--Together

Paul Pearsall

Paul Pearsall's research shows that individual success and the solitary pursuit of happiness may be hazardous to one's health. Although many self-help books champion the singular approach to...

The Pleasure Prescription

The Pleasure Prescription A New Way to Well-Being

Paul Pearsall

Current wisdom dictates that anything that tastes, smells, or feels good can't be good for us. But pleasure is the way to health, not a temptation away from it. In The Pleasure Prescription,...

Write Your Own Pleasure Prescription

Write Your Own Pleasure Prescription 60 Ways to Create Balance and Joy in Your Life

Paul Pearsall

According to psychologist Paul Pearsall, it is possible to find paradise on Earth. Everything needed to enjoy and share a full and happy life is prewired into people's natural internal pleasure...