Books by Paul W. Mattessich

Collaboration Factors Inventory

Collaboration Factors Inventory Assessing Your Collaboration's Strengths and Weaknesses

Paul W. Mattessich

This inventory is a practical tool for discovering how your collaboration is doing on the twenty factors that research has shown influence success (see Collaboration: What Makes It Work). The...

Information Gold Mine

Information Gold Mine Innovative Uses of Evaluation

Paul W. Mattessich

Don't Shelve that Evaluation! Use the Findings More Creatively and Effectively Traditional use of evaluation—for improving service quality—is well known. But are you using the data to full...

Managers Guide to Program Evaluation

Managers Guide to Program Evaluation Planning, Contracting, & Managing for Useful Results

Paul W. Mattessich

Your Guide to Getting a Useful Evaluation Evaluation is vital and beneficial to any nonprofit organization. An effective evaluation can help identify an organization's successes, share information...

Community Building: What Makes It Work

Community Building: What Makes It Work A Review of Factors Influencing Successful Community Building

Paul W. Mattessich

This practical guide shows you what really does (and doesn't) contribute to community building success. It reveals 28 keys to help you build community more effectively and efficiently. You won't find...


Collaboration What Makes It Work, 2nd Ed.

Paul W. Mattessich

What makes the difference between your collaboration's failure or success? Collaboration: What Makes It Work, Second Edition answers this question with an up-to-date and in-depth review of...

Collaboration 3rd Edition

Collaboration 3rd Edition What Makes it Work

Paul W. MattessichKirsten M. Johnson

This third edition of Collaboration: What Makes It Work—written nearly 25 years after the first edition was published—is an example of the enduring importance of collaboration. ...