Books by Stacey Granger

The Portable Mother

The Portable MotherAdvice, Encouragement, and Friendly Reminders From Mom

Stacey Granger

This is the perfect memory book of childhood, containing the collected wisdom of generations of moms. Written by a young mother who found herself repeating the words and ideas she first heard from her...

The Workout Cop-Out

The Workout Cop-OutA Daily Avoidance Guide for Fitness Phobics

Stacey Granger

Book by Granger, Stacey, Mitchell, Dana

The Portable Father

The Portable FatherAdvice, Encouragement, and Friendly Reminders from Dad

Stacey Granger

For most of us, Dad always seemed to be the biggest and most wonderful person we knew. In spite of all that Mom did for us, Dad loomed almost larger than life: strong, fun-loving, the most handsomest...