Books by Stephen Mansfield

Faithful Volunteers

Faithful VolunteersThe History of Religion in Tennessee

Stephen Mansfield

A celebration of the unique history and character of religion in Tennessee, from the earliest pioneer days to the present, Faithful Volunteers covers the state's spiritual topography from a...

More Than Dates and Dead People

More Than Dates and Dead PeopleRecovering a Christian View of History

Stephen Mansfield

More Than Dates & Dead People: Recovering a Christian View of History, by Stephen Mansfield, is a lively, upbeat, edgy look at history as something exciting rather than a boring list of dates to...

Never Give in

Never Give inThe Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill

Stephen Mansfield

What made Winston Churchill one of the most extraordinary leaders of the twentieth century? What enabled him to inspire nations while those around him were losing hope? This volume in the Leaders in...

Character and Greatness of Winston Churchill

Character and Greatness of Winston ChurchillHero in a Time of Crisis

Stephen Mansfield

Winston Churchill was one of the most extraordinary leaders of the twentieth century. What enabled him to stand so steadfastly when all those around him seemed to turn back in fear? What enabled him...

Then Darkness Fled

Then Darkness FledThe Liberating Wisdom of Booker T. Washington

Stephen Mansfield

At a time when Booker T. Washington is being rediscovered by African Americans today, the author offers a compelling look at the man and the qualities of leadership he embodied in his life and work....

Forgotten Founding Father

Forgotten Founding FatherThe Heroic Legacy of George Whitefield

Stephen Mansfield

For many of those who are even familiar with his name, George Whitfield is thought of as a preacher, a man connected with the Great Awakening in the 1700s. While this is true, it is only part of the...