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The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm

The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm

Steve BodanskyVera Bodansky

In this companion to their best-selling book, Extended Massive Orgasm, Steve and Vera Bodansky give much more detail about the best hand and body positions for performing and receiving EMO. More than...

Extended Massive Orgasm

Extended Massive Orgasm How you can give and receive intense sexual pleasure

Steve BodanskyVera Bodansky

Hunter House has a new year's resolution you can stick to: better sex! ...

To Bed or Not To Bed

To Bed or Not To Bed What Men Want, What Women Want, How Great Sex Happens

Vera BodanskySteve Bodansky

The differences between the sexes create both fun and tension. Most men want sex, either with a new or current partner. Woman want sex too, but are trained to put up obstacles so as not to seem...

Instant Orgasm

Instant Orgasm Excitement at First Touch

Steve BodanskyVera Bodansky

In their latest book, noted sexperts Steve and Vera Bodansky show readers how to take their sexual pleasure to the max by becoming instantly orgasmic. In the first part of the book, they describe the...