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The Goebel Collector's Guide

The Goebel Collector's Guide

Werner Moderhack

The fascinating world of Goebel is brought to you by two of the world's foremost authorities, Werner Moderhack and Ray Wagner. This book, Goebel: The Collector's Guide, is...

Kustom Kemps of America

Kustom Kemps of America Commemorative Book

Randy W. Baumgardner

Great Photos and stories of Customized Cars mostly of the 50"s.

Classical Norfolk Furniture

Classical Norfolk Furniture 1810 - 1840


Furniture scholars Thomas R. J. Newbern and James R. Melchor have joined forces with Turner Publishing Company to produce this fascinating look at Classical Norfolk Furniture between the years of 1810...

Lionel Trains

Lionel Trains A Pictorial History of Trains and Their Collectors

Turner Publishing

LIONEL TRAINS, A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TRAINS & THEIR COLLECTORS allows a unique look at the history of LIONEL from a collector's point of view & includes hundreds of photos of individual train...

Chris-Craft Antique Boats

Chris-Craft Antique Boats Mahogany Memories

Wilson Wright

Antique Motorcycle Club of America 50th Anniversary

Antique Motorcycle Club of America 50th Anniversary

Peter Gagan

Every motorcycle has a story; its own personality and feel. The members of the AMCA tell stories of their machines in this wonderful book, Some of the members are second and thir generation riders,...

The Wood...the Cars...the People

The Wood...the Cars...the People

Turner Publishing

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National Woodie Clu & with this one of a kind publication dedicated to the people and the cars of this fabulous organization. Along with extensive interviews from...

Switchblades of Italy

Switchblades of Italy

Tim Zinser

This book starts the reader on a journey through time, with a short history of folding knives, leading to the evolution of the first switchblade. Progressing through time, wonderful photos illustrate...

Randall Military Models

Randall Military Models Fighters, Bowies and Full Tang Knives

Robert E. Hunt

Author Bob Hunt's first book, Randall Fighting Knives in Wartime, provided him the opportunity for further study on this subject. It was apparent before publication of the first book, that the subject...

The Learning Annex Presents Uncluttering Your Space

The Learning Annex Presents Uncluttering Your Space

The Learning Annex

master the essentials of clutter-busting-in a single evening! ...

The World of Beer Memorabilia

The World of Beer Memorabilia Identification and Value Guide

Herbert A. HaydockHelen Haydock

The History of Kustom Kemps of America

The History of Kustom Kemps of America 1980-1993

Jerry Titus

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