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Team Quotient

Team Quotient

Douglas Gerber

After twenty years as a corporate executive when he created for his final employer, PepsiCo, a highly successful leadership team, Douglas Gerber followed the suggestion of his mentor, Leadership...

Collaboration 3rd Edition

Collaboration 3rd EditionWhat Makes it Work

Paul W. MattessichKirsten M. Johnson

This third edition of Collaboration: What Makes It Work—written nearly 25 years after the first edition was published—is an example of the enduring importance of collaboration. ...

American Mojo: Lost and Found

American Mojo: Lost and FoundRestoring our Middle Class Before the World Blows By

Peter D. Kiernan

In American Mojo: Lost and Found, Peter D. Kiernan, award-winning author of New York Times bestseller Becoming China’s Bitch, focuses on America’s greatest challenge—and opportunity—restoring...

Fundraising Online

Fundraising OnlineUsing the Internet to Raise Serious Money for Your Nonprofit Organization

Gary M. Grobman

<P>Search-engine marketing, blogs, personal fundraising pages, and podcasting are just a few of the strategies and techniques outlined in this handbook to assist fundraisers in harnessing the...

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Breck Speed

Are you looking for the perfect investment strategy, one that offers great returns with absolutely no risk? Well good luck! Here instead is an anthology of investment maxims--some new, many old--that...

Venture Forth!

Venture Forth!The Essential Guide to Starting a Moneymaking Business in Your Nonprofit Organization

Rolfe Larson

How to find, test, and launch a successful nonprofit venture Venture Forth! The Essential Guide to Starting a Moneymaking Business in Your Nonprofit Organization is the most complete step-by-step...

Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Developing Effective Teams

Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Developing Effective Teams

Beth Gilbertsen

Proven methods for smoother and more productive teamwork Teamwork is rarely simple, easy, or natural. It’s not enough to announce “we’re a team” and expect results. The...

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, Second Edition

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, Second EditionReal-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World

David La PianaMelissa Mendes Campos

Turner Publishing proudly presents a fully-updated edition of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution FINALIST, Ben Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association, Business Category. ...

Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part II

Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part IIUnifying the Organization After a Merger

La Piana Associates

You've completed the merger agreement. Now, how do you make the merger work? Nonprofit Mergers Part II helps you create a comprehensive plan to achieve integration. It addresses large, strategic...

The Nonprofit Mergers Part I

The Nonprofit Mergers Part IThe Leader's Guide to Considering, Negotiating, and Executing a Merger

David La Piana

Nonprofit mergers are on the rise. Executive directors and board members are discovering the advantages: comprehensive service delivery, better finances, more powerful fundraising, increased market...

The Nonprofit Career Guide

The Nonprofit Career GuideHow to Land a Job That Makes a Difference

Shelly Cryer

FINALIST 2008 Book of the Year Awards, Career Category, ForeWord Magazine A must read for anyone hoping to launch a nonprofit career! Nonprofits need talented, creative people with all types of skills...

The Nonprofit Business Plan

The Nonprofit Business PlanA Leader's Guide to Creating a Successful Business Model

David La Piana

A fresh, compelling approach to establishing a sustainable, results-driven nonprofit business plan.Nonprofits often use the terms “strategic planning” and “business planning”...

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