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Genealogy Forum on America Online

Genealogy Forum on America Online The Official User's Guide

George G. Morgan

Online services and the Internet have changed forever the ways we communicate, perform research, and exchange information. America Online is unquestionably the leader in online services. It is also...

Accidental Techie

Accidental Techie Supporting, Managing, and Maximizing Your Nonprofit's Technology

Sue Bennett

How to manage tech support (and keep your sanity!) One day you unjammed the printer and saved the day. But now, somehow, all technology resources have become your responsibility! The Accidental...

Dinosaurs On-Line

Dinosaurs On-Line A Guide to the Best Dinosaur Sites on the Internet

R L. Jones

Here is a book containing information about more than 500 Web sites about dinosaurs. Sites are rated for quality and cross-referenced by type, level of complexity, and availability of special...

Computer Resources for People with Disabilities

Computer Resources for People with Disabilities A Guide to Assistive Technologies, Tools and Resources for People of All Ages

Alliance for Technology Access

Today's technology is redefining human potential. Current computer hardware and software can create new ways for people with any kind of a disability to interact with the world. In this book the...